HH-66 is the world’s most effective PVC vinyl adhesive.

It works underwater, sets in minutes, and holds fast at extreme temperatures. It’s waterproof. It bonds with just a single application. And it doesn’t let go.

That may be why HH-66 is trusted by experts in industries as diverse as vinyl-coated fabrics, geosynthetics, commercial tarps and inflatable watercraft. It works. And it’ll work for you.

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General Instructions

  1. Clean your surfaces before cementing. Some materials may require light sanding.
  2. Apply an even coat to BOTH surfaces to be joined. Allow cement to set for 2-5 minutes.
  3. Press together. Clamps are generally not required. Full strength is achieved within 24 hours.

Use our compatible HH-66 thinner for prep and cleanup.

Technical Data

  • Base: Thermoplastic elastomer
  • Color: Clear
  • Solvent: MEK-Toluene-Acetone Blend
  • Viscosity: Medium
  • Application: Brush or Roller
  • Solids: 15% ± 1% (Approximately)
  • Net Weight: 8 Lbs/Gal (Approximately)
  • Temperature Range: -30° to 150°F.
  • Tack Time: 2 – 5 minutes
  • Shelf Life: 18 months from date of manufacture
  • Flash Point: 7° F.

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