It takes minutes to create a seam seal that’s stronger than the tarps themselves.

When you’re using tarps for weatherproofing or containment, partial coverage is no coverage at all.

That’s why knowing how to make a strong seam seal is an essential part of customizing tarps. Modifying tarps for your job’s needs is powerful – if you combine tarps effectively. If not, you’re waiting for an accident to happen.

HH-66 is the only adhesive recommended by the Advanced Textiles Association for tarp repair. Here’s how 5 minutes with the right glue can get you the custom tarp coverage you need.

Get the Glue

You’ll need about 1 oz. per square foot.

All 4 oz. through 32 oz. cans have a brush-cap top.

ImageNameTotal Number of Cans
HH-66 Vinyl Cement
HH-66 Vinyl Cement

The rule of thumb is that one ounce of adhesive will cover one square foot of both surfaces to be bonded. For more details, click here for our product calculator.

1. Prepare

  • Cut patch with 2” room on all sides.
  • Round corners for the best result.
  • Clean surfaces with HH-66 Thinner.

2. Apply

  • Sand any smooth surfaces for extra hold.
  • Spread HH-66 on both sides.
  • Wait 2-5 minutes until glue is tacky.

3. Attach

  • Press patch on tarp firmly.
  • Use a roller to keep pressure even.
  • Allow to dry for 1 hour. Strongest after 1 day.

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