The HH-66 Vinyl Patch Kit lets you fix a ripped vinyl tent any time – even on event day.

Ripped party tents are hardly tents at all.  Holes let in sun and water, create eyesores, and only become worse over time.  That’s why when you find a tear during event setup, mending your tents is essential.

And it’s easy – if you come prepared.

The HH-66 Vinyl Patch Kit is your insurance against tent rips that require onsite repair.  It’s waterproof, weather-resistant, and more durable than vinyl tent tape.  Here’s how to make a permanent tent fix in just five minutes.

Get the Kit

Kits include an applicator brush, two alcohol wipes,

HH-66 Vinyl Cement, and one 10” x 10” white vinyl tent patch.

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Vinyl Patch Kit
Vinyl Patch Kit

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1. Prepare

  • Cut patch to appropriate size, ensuring a two-inch overlap on all sides. Round corners to minimize peeling.
  • Clean surfaces with alcohol wipe provided.  (Optional) Sand any surfaces lightly for best adhesion.

2. Apply

  • Apply an even coat of HH-66 to both surfaces to be joined.
  • Allow cement to set until tacky, typically around three minutes.  Cement will remain tacky for just a few minutes.

3. Attach

  • Press patch on firmly while tacky.
  • Apply even pressure throughout to remove air bubbles.
  • Allow to bond for at least an hour before use. Strongest hold achieved after one day.
  • Remove any excess adhesive with alcohol wipe provided.

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