How to install RFID chips with HH-66

Improve inventory tracking for vinyl rental tents, tarps, or inflatables.

Inventory management for vinyl products is complex – especially if you’re renting party tents or inflatables that travel rolled up or in sections.  If you want to know each piece’s status, cleanliness, and storage location without unpacking, a visual scan won’t work.

RFID chips can save you time and labor – if you know how to install them permanently.

Many party rental companies reach for HH-66 to do just that.  Here’s how to add an RFID chip to your tent, tarp, or inflatable in minutes with the industry’s preferred PVC glue.

Installing an RFID chip with HH-66


  • Position patch and trace it, leaving about two inches on all sides of RFID chip.  Round patch corners to minimize peeling.
  • Use HH-66 Thinner to clean both vinyl patch and tent.


  • Lay RFID chip in center of outline.  Apply HH-66 around chip and on patch, leaving space for chip in center.
  • Allow cement to set until tacky, typically around three minutes.


  • Press patch on firmly while cement is tacky.  Apply even pressure to remove air bubbles.
  • Allow to bond for at least an hour before use.  Strongest hold achieved after one day.
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