#14 Rubber Cement

Repositionable. Semi-permanent. Dries clear and rubs off clean.

  • Strong, repositionable cement for leatherwork, costuming, and scrapbooking.
  • Coat one surface for a repositionable bond – or two to make a bond that lasts.
  • Wrinkle-free.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Excess glue rubs off clean.

The rule of thumb is that one ounce of adhesive will cover one square foot of both surfaces to be bonded. For more details, click here for our product calculator.

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#14 Rubber Cement makes repositionable OR semi-permanent bonds.

It’s ideal for leathercraft or costume work, where you might want to peel and reposition pieces a few times for the ideal fit.  But it’s equally effective in photos and scrapbooks, where you’ll want a stronger, semi-permanent bond.

#14 is a stronger-than-usual rubber cement that goes on without wrinkles, dries clear, and rubs off clean.  It’s a great complement to specialized glues – like our Duall-88 Leather Adhesive – that form a more permanent bond.

  • Movable bonds.  Apply #14 Rubber Cement to a single surface, then attach while wet.  Your craft materials will stay put, but you can gently peel and re-stick several times to reposition.
  • Semi-permanent bonds.  Apply #14 to both surfaces, then wait 10 minutes until the rubber cement becomes tacky in order to achieve the strongest bond.  This application is ideal for photos and scrapbooks that need to stick.
  • No wrinkles.  Formulated to stick smooth for beautiful, wrinkle-free results.
  • Flexible and water-resistant.  For projects that need to stand up to real-life movement and moisture, #14 Rubber Cement is the ideal choice.
  • Dries clear.  See your results – not your adhesive.
  • Rubs off clean.  Remove excess easily from most surfaces for a clean, finished result that’s free of clumps or clutter.

For repositionable bonds:

  1.  Apply an even coat to either surface to be joined.
  2.  Press materials together while rubber cement is wet.
  3.  For removal, gently peel at edges and reposition as needed.  Can be repositioned several times within one application.

Common uses:  leathercraft, upholstery, costuming.

For semi-permanent bonds:

  1.  Apply an even coat to both surfaces to be joined.
  2.  Allow rubber cement to set until tacky, typically around ten minutes.
  3.  Press materials together while tacky and allow rubber cement to dry before use.  Typical dry time is about an hour.

Most common use:  crafting projects, including photo mounting and scrapbooking.

Excess rubber cement will rub off most surfaces cleanly.

Apply within 18 months of manufacture for best results.


Spec Sheets

Safety Data Sheets

Technical Data

  • Base:  Natural Rubber
  • Solvents:  Heptane, Ethyl Acetate
  • Color:  Amber
  • Viscosity:  Medium
  • Application:  Brush
  • Solubility:  Insoluble in water
  • Net Weight:  7.2 lbs./gallon (approx.)
  • Service Temperature Range:  35° to 95° F
  • Flash Point:  26° F
  • VOC Content:  627 g/L
  • Shelf Life:  18 months from date of manufacture

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