Secure your vinyl fence post caps with HH-66

How to install fence caps with the industry’s leading PVC adhesive.

If your viny fence post caps are coming off – or if they’ve rotted and you want a more durable replacement – fixing PVC caps with a vinyl adhesive is a quick job with long-lasting results.

Here’s how to get the job done in 5 minutes with about an ounce of HH-66.

Replacing PVC fence post caps using HH-66


  • Use HH-66 Thinner to clean the PVC post and the new PVC post cap.


  • Coat the PVC post and the PVC post cap with HH-66 Vinyl Cement where the two pieces will come into contact.
  • Allow the cement to set until tacky, typically around three minutes.


  • Press the PVC post cap firmly onto the PVC post while the cement is tacky.
  • Allow to bond for at least an hour.  The strongest hold is achieved after one day.

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