How to repair a vinyl paddleboard with

HH-66 Vinyl Cement

Get your punctured SUP back on the water with a simple, durable PVC patch.

If your stand up paddleboard is torn or punctured, it’s not going anywhere.

But here’s the good news:  vinyl paddleboards are easy to repair with the right glue and a good vinyl patch.

HH-66 is waterproof and weather-resistant, and it creates a bond stronger than the vinyl itself.  Here’s how to use it to get your SUP repaired in minutes and back on the water in as little as an hour.

Repairing a vinyl SUP with HH-66


  • Measure two inches on all sides of the damaged area, and cut the vinyl patch to fit.  Round the corners to minimize peeling.
  • Use HH-66 Thinner to clean both the vinyl patch and the damaged area.


  • Coat one side of the patch and the entire damaged area of the paddleboard with HH-66.
  • Allow the cement to set until tacky, typically around two or three minutes.  The cement will remain tacky for just a few minutes more.


  • Press the patch firmly onto the paddleboard while the cement is tacky.  Apply even pressure throughout to remove air bubbles.
  • Allow to bond for at least an hour before use.  The strongest hold is achieved after one day.

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